The recent blog I featured the two illustrators, Heather and Trevor. Today I’d like to introduce you to the talented creator and designer of the notes and activities for my books.

Jenny and I worked together at Arundel State School a few years ago. We actually share a birthday. Jenny is retired from teaching now but graciously agreed to design the activities for my books.

Here’s the interview with Jenny, enjoy.

Before you started writing programs for picture books, what did you do?

I was a primary teacher for over 25 years and have always enjoyed the creative arts. I also have a background in printmaking, painting and drawing, textile arts and calligraphy.

How did you start writing programs and activities for picture books?

I had always enjoyed creating resources for children and Robin Adolphs approached me to help her with the teacher resourcing for her books. I had completed a graphic design course and this was a great opportunity to combine my teaching background with these computer graphic skills.

Have you ever illustrated any children’s picture books?

I completed watercolour illustrations for one of Robin’s books, ‘The Man in the Moon’.

Where do you get your ideas from?

For the teacher notes and resourcing, I use methods and ideas learned over many years in the classroom. However, I’m always looking for new ways to create interesting and educational learning activities.

What medium do you like to work with?

All educational resourcing activities, including the drawings, are completed using computer graphics programs. I have used watercolour for illustrations, but would like to work with printmaking techniques and other drawing and painting methods.

How did you choose what activities to create for The Pile Up and Yesterday I Played In the Rain?

The text and illustrations of each book were examined in detail, keeping in mind the age group for which the book was written. Areas of learning were established as shown in the Teacher Notes and appropriate skills gleaned from the text and worksheet activities provided where needed. The creation of the worksheet activities was governed by age level, specific skill development, appropriate layout and a desire to have varied and fun to do activities.

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Thank you Jenny for providing insight into the effort that goes into the creation of the activities.

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