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Can You Keep a Secret?

A little monster has a secret he shares with his friend.
The secret is so big, that the second little monster can’t keep it to himself, so he shares it too.

What is the secret?
And why are the monsters so excited?
The secret is revealed in the end and you’ll never guess what it is!

Can You Keep a Secret? is the perfect picture book for beginner readers.
The book’s characters are colourful monsters which entertain, while touching on themes such as friendship and keeping secrets.

There is a deliberate repetitive story telling device which lends itself as an educational text for these social issues, beginner and preschool readers.

Robin Adolphs
Australian Children’s Author

Praise for Can You Keep a Secret?

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A Bit About Robin

Robin Adolphs was born in Victoria, Australia before spending several years living in Cologne, Germany where she worked in a kindergarten with three-year-old German children and taught English to adults at the Berlitz School. Years later Robin returned to Australia to continue teaching in Victoria and Queensland before retiring from her position as Deputy Principal at Tamborine Mountain State School in Australia.

Robin has four children and six grandchildren, who are a major source of her ideas and inspiration for her children’s stories. She now spends her time between writing children’s books and travelling around Australia with her husband.

Robin tours with professional development workshops, seminars and school visits. To book Robin for school visits and speaking engagements, please contact Robin here.


Here’s some questions I frequently get asked by frogs and butterflies

Q. Is it fun writing and being an author?

A. Yes! It’s not just the writing itself. It’s fun when you get new ideas and start thinking about how you’re going to weave them into a story. It’s hugely satisfying when you finish a story and you’re happy with it. It’s like, ‘WOW’ I just created something that never existed before. When children enjoy my stories, or laugh at the funny bits, then I’m really happy. So YES, writing is fun in many, many ways. It’s fun being with other authors too.

Q. What’s your favorite colour Robin?

A. Colours are amazing. They make up our world. Imagine the world in black and white. How dull would that be? I love that the sky is blue and the grass is green. I love the yellow of the sun and the different browns of the earth. And I love all the shades of the different colours, the soft shades and the strong shades and all the blends. To choose one colour as a favourite is very hard but I would have to say blue is my favourite. But then, I really love red . . . and yellow . . . and green. This is a hard question.

Q. Is it true you were a teacher once upon a time?

A. I was. I was a teacher for many years. I studied to be an Early Childhood teacher and my teaching career began in Victoria in a little school in Burwood. Sadly this school no longer exists. I also taught in Cologne Germany in the Berlitz School and in a German kindergarten. That was a challenge but an amazing experience. When we came back to Australia we came to Queensland and I taught in some schools here too. Then I became a Deputy Principal and was an Acting Principal quite a few times. I loved working with children, they’re amazing. Now I’m an author but many of my story ideas have come from the children I met over the years.

Q. What’s your favourite food?

A. Believe it or not I love vegetables. There are some delicious dishes you can make with vegetables. If I had to design a 3-course menu just for me it would be minestrone soup, eye fillet steak medium rare with lots of vegies or salad, followed by fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with cream and ice-cream. And if I still had room maybe a little after dinner chocolate.

Q. Can you come to our school?

A. I sure can! Just tell your mum or teacher to click the contact form on my website.

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