So you want to know how to launch a book? Great! I’m assuming that you’ve been through the writing, editing and the publishing stages and now you’re ready to present your book to the world.

Your launch will largely be determined by your genre and targeted audience. Planning for a children’s picture book launch with a targeted audience ranging from just about zero to one hundred will be different to the launch of a memoir or adult fiction book. For these genre (and others) your audience will be, in all likelihood, much narrower.

So think about your book, what message it is conveying, your audience and how you can present your book so that it becomes a ‘must read’ in the minds of everyone who comes along.

Coming up with book launch ideas: where do you start?

Planning a launch is a bit like planning a party or a wedding. The more planning that goes into it, the smoother the event will run and you’ll feel relaxed and confident. You’ll also enjoy the event, which you should!

Firstly determine what kind of launch you want to have. Do you want to hold your launch at a venue and introduce your book to a live audience? Or do you want to have an online launch?

Whichever, advertise your launch. Social media is good for this as it is wide reaching. Contact your friends and family. Make postcard invitations to send to people who aren’t familiar with social media networks. Advertise in local papers and radio if you can. Be creative and adventurous!

I chose to launch my three most recent books, The Pile Up, Yesterday I Played in the Rain and just recently, Grandpa’s Gold live. My next book, Can You Keep a Secret? will be launched online before Christmas 2013. So with my most recent experience with launches being around live launches, that’s what I’ll focus on here.

Start with the Obvious and Organise

How to launch a book with ZING!

*Where will the launch be held?

A venue must be suitable for your audience. Space for your needs is vital. Ask yourself what you need to do there. Will you be having refreshments, morning tea, supper? Will there be activities?

I chose Logan North Library and The Marks and Gardner Gallery on Tamborine Mountain for my launches. Logan North Library has a beautiful big children’s area, perfect to hold a picture book launch. The staff is friendly, helpful and very obliging. The Gallery on Tamborine has the most gorgeous garden and lawns and wonderful people. Again, a perfect place to launch a children’s picture book. Actually, on reflection, these venues are perfect places to launch any type of book.

*When will you hold the launch?

Choose a date and book it at least two months ahead. That leaves you enough time to plan details and to make sure all your resources (eg books, bookmarks, signage, posters) arrive before the launch. Things can go wrong and there’s nothing more horrifying than having a launch without a book!

Decide on the time of day. I’ve been to some wonderful launches of an evening. Evening launches are great for adult books of all genres. Children’s books are best launched in the daytime when kids are at their best and not falling asleep.

Consider school holidays and special events that may clash and draw your potential audience away. Then, make a decision and keep your fingers crossed about weather and other disasters coming in between. No matter what, once you’ve decided on the where and when, that’s it.

How long should a launch run?

Around sixty to ninety minutes is good. Have some prizes and draw them at the end so people will stay until the end and that will increase your book sales (as well as giving people the chance to mingle and chat).

There is one thing to keep in mind all the time when planning.

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