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It is my privilege to interview author, Karen Tyrrell. Karen fought her own personal battle with mental illness and shared her experiences and journey to recovery in her two memoirs Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me and Him: A Guide To Recovery.

Bailey Beats the Blah is Karen’s latest book, but don’t expect this to be another memoir! Bailey Beats the Blah is a picture book for children.

Drawing on her personal and professional experiences as a teacher, Karen has created Bailey, an endearing young boy overcome by negative feelings and low self-esteem. This book is a terrific conversation starter for parents who want to open up the subject of mental and emotional health with children.

Welcome Karen!

What motivated you to create Bailey Beats the Blah?

I promised myself I’d return to school as an author-teacher after my recovery from parent-teacher harassment and mental illness. My dream for Bailey Beats the Blah: that it would empower children to break the cycle of worry thoughts and sad days, boosting self-esteem and self-respect.

1. How did you Indie publish your picture book?

In 2012, I set up my own publishing imprint Digital Future Press to publish two mental health memoirs for adults.

I developed Bailey Beats the Blah to the highest possible standard by sending out my manuscript to children’s authors to critique. When it was the very best it could be, editor of Book Cover Café spun her word-magic. I teamed-up with brilliant fantasy Illustrator, Aaron Pocock and book cover designer Anthony Puttee to produce a professional child-centred picture book.

2. How can Bailey Beats the Blah be used in schools?

Bailey is aligned to Kids Matter national school program. Teachers can develop lesson plans from FREE Teachers notes and children’s activities downloaded from my website. Teachers can share Bailey Beats the BLAH as a read-aloud book to their classes, spring boarding discussion on sad days and worry thoughts. At the end of each page children can chant BLAH or Ha-Ha-Ha and re-enact Bailey stick puppets. Teachers and parents follow up with FREE activity sheets downloaded from my website KarenTyrrell.com.

3. How does Bailey Beats the Blah promote mental health and resilience skills for children and families?

Bailey Beats the BLAH encourages parents to discuss mental health issues like anxiety, coping with sad days and boosting emotional self-awareness. Especially HOW to deal with life’s everyday challenges and stresses.

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